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Heal Estate

The Resource for Sustainable Living


Los Angeles, California – Heal Estate is The Resource for Sustainable Living. Heal Estate is a revolutionary and transformative online community designed to inspire, educate, connect, and motivate people globally towards an eco-friendly lifestyle.

“The heart of Heal Estate lies in its values, ethics and social consciousness involving the resources, materials, energy sources, and products for a healthy lifestyle. With Heal Estate, eco-conscious people around the world will have a resource to access and learn about sustainable living. Our goal is to be leaders in protecting and preserving our world for ourselves and future generations.” – Adrienne Kessler, Founder and CEO

Reinforcing their values of sustainable living and a healthy lifestyle, Heal Estate has joined the Green Business Bureau, which is a national membership organization that uses an online assessment to certify green businesses.  Heal Estate embodies the goal to be the most environmentally responsible and ethically engaged enterprise in their industry.

Heal Estate connects buyers and sellers of sustainable products by providing products and services from sustainable affiliates on our Website. Affiliates are qualified as sustainable businesses prior to having access to our worldwide network of sustainable buyers. Heal Estate also provides an opportunity for affiliates of sustainable products and services to be visible to our buyer network by becoming a Member of our sustainable community.

Membership information can be found on the Heal Estate Website, (Join Us).

Adrienne Kessler is the Founder of Heal Estate. Heal Estate launched in 2015 with the vision to protect and preserve the planet for the purpose of creating a globally conscious community. Our mission is to engender knowledge and awareness of the need for universal sustainability.


About Heal Estate

Heal Estate, LLC, is a unique online business developed to promote the welfare of the global community towards complete disclosure, accountability, integrity and sustainability. As we move towards a more globalized economy, we become more dependent on other countries for our resources. This creates a crucial challenge for the environment, both locally and abroad.

Heal Estate is Registered Trademark under Classes 41 and 35.

Contact: Adrienne Kessler
Founder and CEO
PO Box 123
Studio City, CA 91602

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