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Have Fun the Green Way: Digital Scrapbooking Plus Two Other Art Project You Can Enjoy

Having a hobby is a great way to stay active and vital in your older age, or to take some time to sit back and enjoy a break from fast paced life in your younger years. Consider these three great ways to have fun and make beautiful things, all at the same time.

Digital Scrapbooking Scrapbooking is a hobby that has really hit the mainstream in the past decade or two. No more are people just slipping their memorable photos into cheesy plastic sleeves housed in brown covered photo albums. Today, people are creating beautiful works of art to surround their photo treasures, keeping their families close to their hearts in a way that is fun to look at and exciting to share.

Scrapbooking is a great hobby for two main reasons. First, it is fun. Second, scrapbooks can be shared. But today, there is even a third reason why scrapbooking is a great hobby. With scrapbooking you can still have fun, putting together your hobby of photography your life and family with the fun of organizing the pictures, and you can still share these with your family or look at them whenever you want, but you can do these things in a way that is green and environmentally friendly with digital scrapbooking.

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Digital scrapbooking allows you to record and share your memories without killing a single tree for paper, using any inks or any physical supplies. Simply take your photos on a digital camera, and then upload those files to your computer. You can then use any number of digital software systems to create beautiful scrapbook pages. Digital scrapbooking also allows you to use photo enhancement to further embellish your pictures. You can give them an old fashioned look, blur the edges, zoom and crop – the sky is the limit.

There are a variety of software systems that allow you to do digital scrapbooking on your own computer. Scrapbook Factory is one great, easy to use program that lets you create your scrapbooks on your own computer. Or, you can use online software; with a quick search you’ll find dozens.

Upcycling Upcycling is a method of turning something old or worn out, an item which would likely otherwise find its way into the landfill, into art or some other useful object. Upcycling is easy. Following are a few ideas for specific upcycling projects:

1)     Harry’s Hairy Head. A great one for kids, this is simple. Take an empty soup can or other metal can and decorate it with a face, to look like any person or creature. Then, fill it with dirt and add grass seeds. Water it and put it in a window and watch “Harry” grow “hair.” Kids love it.

2)     Bottle Cap Frame. Take an old frame that is worn out or scratched. Then, get some old metal bottle caps. Smash the caps flat with a hammer, then glue photographs or pictures cut from magazines into the caps. Glue the caps all around your frame for an entirely new look!

Upcycling requires just a little imagination and a desire to not throw things away. Keep your eyes out for anything that can be repurposed or turned into art. A particularly nice pizza box from a neighborhood pizzeria might look great mounted to wood and hung on the wall. Use your child’s school artwork to create cards that you send out to friends and family for birthdays, thank yous or just because.

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Found Art Creating found art can mean one of two things. It can mean simply finding things that are beautiful in nature and using them for art, or finding things that have some other purpose but that you can use as art. Hanging a beautiful old China plate that you inherited from your grandmother on your living room wall is a form of found art. Look for found art anywhere. Collecting rocks from a vacation at the beach then displaying them as paper weights, or picking fall leaves from your yard and placing them in a basket, are great ways to use natural found art. Try taking an old fashioned colander and filling it with flowers or planted herbs for use as a centerpiece for your garden table. The options are endless.



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