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Green Home Cleaning Tips and Hints

By February 20, 2015Blog

Having a clean and nice home that looks both presentable and clean is a must for most homeowners, but cleaning such a place will require you to be quite diligent in your work. It happens to be a job that will never end, making you work hard and often if you want to keep your home looking spotless. There are many details to keep in check, such as washing curtains, upholstery cleaning, oven cleaning, kitchen cleaning in general, window cleaning and so much more. There are also equally great opportunities to keep your cleaning efforts green, following these tips ahead and hiring London House Cleaning Ltd.:

  • Cleaning mirrors and glass

You can really let go of your usual window cleaners, as they tend to contain ammonia inside, using something else instead. All you will need to make cleaning less of a chore is to mix several tablespoons of lemon juice with about a liter of water or so. You can use this to cut the grease in most locations on glass and scrub it clean. You can also do the same by using rubbing alcohol and witch hazel, but you will need a good squeegee as well if you want to avoid using newspapers for such a task. Lint rags are also a viable solution, especially if you want to stick to a reusable solution that doesn’t rely on squeegees. You can also use washing leather, assuming you can find one nowadays.

  • Polishing your furniture pieces

Keeping your furniture well polished will mean you need to do this carefully if you want to stay green. As other substances are pretty unpleasant when it comes to toxicity, you would do well to pay special attention to the types of metal polishes you plan on using, especially when it comes to spot removers and toilet cleaners among other solutions. Most of what you will work will often have pretty unpleasant chemicals within, so you should do your best to avoid such cleaners whenever you can. You can instead use something else, mainly as mix of olive oil and lemon juice that works wonders when it comes to polishing surfaces. Using this in equal parts will create an excellent solution you can use, especially on wood as long as you use it within reason. Mixing some salt into it will create a paste you can use to buff some surfaces to a shine, but it will work well only if you use finer salt crystals and nothing larger than that.

  • Cleaning floors

Water and vinegar will get the job done, especially if you want to mop any ceramic tiles, linoleum or even wood if you mix them together at about a cup of vinegar per two liters.

  • Making use of baking soda

You can use baking soda for a number of purposes, such as removing any smells from your carpets while you clean, scrubbing away mold and more from your bathroom and kitchen and even when cleaning clogged drains. Just mix it with vinegar for that last task and see how the chemical reaction fizzes up and removes the clogs if you do it fast enough.

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  • Edna says:

    Wonderful tips, I can’t wait to try them! I’m in the process of renovating the house, but when I finish I’ll most surely try these tips when I clean!

  • Gail Garner says:

    Amazing cleaning tips! I never tried to clean with natural products, but I heard many positive opinions about them. Especially for people like me with children it is a great alternative to replace the toxic cleaners!

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