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Green Conventions: Find One, Attend One, Plan One

By September 21, 2011Blog, Member News

Conventions, some people love them, some people hate them. But for many businesses, conventions are the best way to really see what is going on in your business, to learn what products are out there for you to use or to buy, and to see what the competition is doing. One of the largest growing areas of the convention market is green conventions. This means that organizations are holding green conventions, where attendees can learn about green business and products, and also that you can start taking steps to make your own conventions green, even if the specific topic is not a green initiative.

Attending a Green Convention
Attending a convention on green, ecofriendly products can be an important step for many businesses today. From green products to green building, and even to sustainable business practices, green conventions can help you find ways to save money, bring in more customers and grow your bottom line. Finding green conventions can be a bit of a challenge, however. As with many things these days, simply conducting a web search may be your best bet. You can also check out the websites of various green organizations or certification groups in your area. Finally, pick up green newspapers or flyers at your local health food store and other eco-friendly locations.

As you look at green conventions you will find that there are two basic types: green products and green building. But no matter what your focus or goals, both types will have vendors and information that can benefit you. In fact, there is much overlap between what you will see in both of these types of green conventions. A green building convention will have an emphasis on sustainable building practices. At such an event you will likely see distributors presenting their building technology, specifically large scale items such as geothermal heating units, solar power units and high efficiency appliances. From insulation to low volatile paints, everything you could want to build a green building or make some green renovations will be at a green building convent.

A green products convention will have some of these same presentation booths, specifically solar power or wind power manufacturers, but they will also have more small scale green items. For example, you will see a lot of green cleaning products as well as products to help you engage in sustainable business practices such as recycling and storm water management.

The Other Side of the Table
So, there are a variety of great green conventions that you can find in your area if you look. But, maybe you are on the other side of the table and you want to plan a convention, and want it to be green. You will not be specifically selling green products or construction practices, but you still want your convention to be progressive and eco-friendly. There are some simple things you can do to promote green and to help raise awareness for going green. Following are a few tips:

Promote Green: Promote your event as green. Say that you are putting on a job fair; advertise it as an earth-friendly job fair. Encourage people to bring their resumes on recycled paper, or electronic zip drives, or to simply email resumes after the fair.

Bring in the Green: Find some green companies that fit into your event. Say you are holding a convention for veterinarians and veterinary technicians; ask humane societies to come in to talk about the value of pet adoption over breeding, or have an animal nutritionist come in to talk about natural care for animals.

Green Travel: Help your attendees go green by promoting green travel. Provide a website where people can sign up for a bus or carpool to the convention, or to share hotel rooms.

With a little research you can attend a green convention, or greenify your own local event.

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