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Green Charities for Green Businesses to Support

Growing trends in corporate responsibility include green marketing and developing business marketing plans that integrate with helping a cause. Affiliating with green charities is a good way to market a business, by displaying compassion and willingness to contribute to the greater good. Green businesses have a wide variety of related eco-friendly causes to choose from when they want to donate for the holidays. GreenInvestmentNetwork.com is an online portal where investors can find green businesses to support. Kiplinger has a list of 25 companies to invest in that encourage alternatives to fossil fuels and address climate change.

It’s best to choose charities that are a good fit with your business, related in some way to your products, services, your customers, employees, or community. The story of why your company is affiliated with the charity is a good way to connect with your customers and community. It can be explained on your company website that describes your corporate values, such as Target’s corporate responsibility page.

Other companies that use green technology and espouse green values include:

Burlington Northern Santa Fe

Burlington Northern Santa Fe is an efficient double-stack train company that saves on fuel and emissions as an alternative to trucking transportation. It further contributes to energy-efficient transportation as the largest grain products transporter.


ITRON is a U.S. provider of electricity meters. Its smart electric meters enable utilities to implement time-based pricing. This, in turn, enables them to spread out electricity demand per federal law and charge more for power use during peak hours. Its product supports energy reduction and conservation.

If your company wants to dedicate other resources in addition to donating at the holidays, a good way is to partner with green charities to help further their causes, as African Wildlife Foundation partners with The Nature Conservancy and the University of Maryland.

Kiplinger’s Advice

Financial adviser Kiplinger’s recommends looking at how charities define their objectives and measure success when deciding to invest. Reading the charity’s IRS Form 990 reveals how it uses its resources, and investors can compare charities of similar size and mission.

Kiplinger’s notes that smaller, local charities will have different finances than larger, more established charities simply because of economies of scale. Other financial factors to compare include executive compensation and whether or not the charity increases its fundraising and resource spending each year. A good resource for this information is Charity Navigator.

The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy works around the world to protect important environments and water. In operation since 1951, this green charity has an established record and large membership. It partners with business, government, communities and other nonprofits to meet science-based objectives.

Global Greengrants Fund

Global Greengrants Fund helps grassroots groups in developing countries with financial support to meet their green objectives. It funds grant projects to help groups working on social and environmental issues.

Recycling for Charities

Recycling for Charities’ goal is to eliminate e-waste by handling used electronics and computer equipment. Donated equipment is reused, recycled, or properly disposed of to keep it out of the environment.

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