If you’re a Dry Cleaner, can you afford not to be a green business?  The green movement is real and more customers than ever care about the environment and the impact businesses have on the environment and their health.  The good news is that most dry cleaners are becoming greener. They have migrated to safer solvents and cleaning systems, reduced plastic with reusable garment bags, now offer eco-friendly hangers or recycling for hangers, and use hybrid delivery vans.  Dry Cleaners have come a long way.

For those owners who have committed to sustainability, demonstrating this commitment to their employees and customers becomes an important part of the process. One way to do this is Green Certification, a critical step in any business’ green journey that serves many purposes outside of just waving a green flag.  First, it demonstrates that a company stands for something greater outside of just their product or service branding. It also establishes them as a quality company in the eyes of consumers. People want to buy from people they like and trust, and when a company is identified as Green Certified, they automatically earn favor and trust in the community and they typically are more profitable as a result of taking their green message to the market.

How Our Certification Works

This guides explains how our online certification program works. Use the guide to understand if your business is ready and how to earn the verified certified green business seal.

But Green Certification goes well beyond simply placing a seal in your window.  Customers want to know what you’re doing, and they want just as much engagement around the greening of your business as do your employees who help drive the message and demonstrate the commitment every single day.  Millennials, especially, are key drivers and real forces behind the resurgence of green, and they will continue to lead the charge forward in the years and decades to come. They’re passionate about green, they’re socially aware and conscious of green, and they have less tolerance for companies that don’t demonstrate they care.  That’s why the Green Business Bureau (GBB) certification includes a public profile webpage for each member’s business that lists out all the green initiatives completed – to be 100% transparent. And our unique clickable online seal is easy to add to any web site.

If you’re a dry cleaner competing with other dry cleaners, our GBB green certification sets you apart from your competitors and peers.   And it’s one of the most rewarding things a business can do to attract more diverse customers, hire better engaged employees, and solidify themselves as key members of their local community.

The Green Business Bureau is committed to helping businesses become greener by offering an easy to complete, online green certification program.  Our members include professional dry cleaners in more than 20 US states and we continue to offer our certifications to the Dry Cleaning industry. In fact, our founder, Tom Permatteo be visiting booths and learning more about the industry at The Clean Show in New Orleans on June 20th & 21st.  We’re partnering with The Green Garmento and will be offering a special 25% off CLEAN Show promotion to help fast track your certification.  To learn more please stop by The Green Garmento booth #1060 @ CLEAN ’19!

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