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Green Business Bureau member Vehiport shares their commitment to green

Vehiport of Peachtree City, GA is earning Green Business Certification with the Green Business Bureau.  They are a fresh face in the auto shipping industry with a foundation built on customer service.  With a solid base in technology, Vehiport (www.Vehiport.com) offers a vehicle transport solution that allows for secure customer logins, online order tracking, and paperless digital contracts.  Being fully bonded and insured, Vehiport is federally licensed and authorized by the Department of Transportation to ship your vehicle nationwide.  They’ve even come up with a logo to reflect their commitment to the environment, take a look:


Here is a picture of Vehiport’s Management team:

When we asked them for two or three actual examples of things they are doing to be green, here’s what we found.  Vehiport uses Cloud Computing which eliminates the need for “power hungry” servers.  Secondly, Vehiport is completely paperless.  All documents are stored online, all contracts are digital, and all faxes come to email.  Finally, shipping vehicles on trucks holding up to 10 vehicles at a time reduce carbon emissions dramatically in comparison to individually driving the same vehicles cross country.  As a certified Green Business, they are well on their way to positively impacting our planet.

The Green Business Bureau wondered what challenges Vehiport had faced when going green?  They answered that the only challenge they’ve had was with their paperless setup.  It took a lot of time and energy to develop their systems in a way that would be an efficient and seamless experience for their customers.

Vehiport owner Aaron told us, “My Favorite initiative for the GBB was the relaxed work attire initiative.  This not only saves energy from dry cleaning, but provides for a more relaxed work environment which encourages an increased level of creative productivity.  I also enjoy the carpooling initiative.  In an effort to take carpooling to the next level, we have enabled a “work from home” policy.  Because our business is completely paperless and we use cloud computing, some days we allow our staff to work from home to save fuel!”  Take a look at Aaron at the office in his casual attire:


Aaron continues, “By starting out green, we have been able to keep costs down while increasing productivity due to a high level of process integration.  We have only been with the GBB for a month or so, but our experience has been great!  Everyone I have had to pleasure to speak with has been encouraging, upbeat, and eager to help.  It’s refreshing to work with people who love what they do.”


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