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Green Business Bureau Member, FLINTWORKS Helps Customers Drive Green

Campbell California’s FLINTWORKS provides dealership quality service at a fraction of the cost. Specializing in European cars with a concentration in Porsche but servicing ALL makes and models. FLINTWORKS offers a free shuttle ride back to work or home plus free wifi, cable tv, and refreshments in their waiting area!

Owner Alden Flint is serious about environmental responsibility.  Here’s what he had to say about the positive steps he and his team are taking to help do their part to save our planet.  “FLINTWORKS has been offering G Oil, an environmentally friendly, completely biodegradable oil, as an alternative to other high performance oils currently on the market. We also offer maintenance and auto repair service on hybrid vehicles, being one of the only dealer alternatives in the area.

The automotive industry carries with it a stigma of being a heavy polluter industry. At FLINTWORKS our biggest challenge has been breaking that barrier and really letting the community know that there are greener alternatives out there when it comes to their vehicle and that hybrid vehicles are not the only ones that can be green.

FLINTWORKS’ favorite GBB initiative has been converting our shop to almost completely digital. We have a cleaner, sleeker shop with far more room to make our customers feel at home without filing cabinets full of paper. We have also ditched the old silk plants that came with the business and now enjoy live plants on our desks that really brighten the room along with a small fish tank.

Our existing customers notice that we are a proud member of the GBB and it gives them a greater confidence in us as a business. We are family owned and operated and as a family business, we care about keeping our future and our environment bright; and now our customers know that as well.

By being a part of the GBB, FLINTWORKS is afforded many great opportunities to get our name out there and showcase that we are a green company. We have not found a better venue to share our green
initiatives with the public, especially those that truly make an extra effort to buy green products and live greener lives.”

The FLINTWORKS Team with their Green Oil sign. See the GBB door sticker in the background?


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