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Green Business Bureau Exclusive Membership Offer

By June 27, 2016Blog

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Heal Estate is a unique and transformative online community created to inspire, educate, connect, and motivate people globally towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. Our mission is to support eco-friendly businesses gain greater visibility in order to create a significant impact on our world.

Your membership in the Green Business Bureau demonstrates your company’s commitment to sustainability. We applaud that commitment and would like to extend an exclusive offer to all Green Business Bureau Members:

  • 12 month Membership as a Heal Estate Member
  • 12 month listing in our Sustainable Membership Directory
  • 12 month subscription to our monthly GreenZine newsletter


Green Business Bureau Exclusive Pricing

Earth Membership $225.00

Forest Membership $450.00

Sky Membership $675.00


Achieve a measurable Return on Investment (ROI) by reaching a targeted audience of buyers for sustainable products and services.

  • Millennials, the fastest adopters of sustainable lifestyle products and services
  • Young adults who have been working hard to change our environment and demand that for their children
  • Baby-Boomers who are looking to change and/or upgrade their lifestyle to eco-friendly and sustainable products and services
  • Business People who are looking to have the most eco-dynamic products on the market to satisfy their customers


Heal Estate subscribers are individuals who seek to learn more about creating a sustainable environment for their future. These highly educated buyers look for a one-stop location where they can identify the best methods to secure their sustainable lifestyle goals, and be able to connect with businesses that can provide these products and services directly to them. Your membership listing in our community directory is where our qualified buyers will find your business.


  • Monthly website unique visitor growth rate of over 50% month to month
  • Time spent on Heal Estate website averages over 7 minutes per viewer
  • New subscriber growth rate of over 30% of visitors month to month
  • Monthly outreach to our active database of GreenZine newsletter subscribers


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