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Smart Green Tips: Watch Your Thermostat

Heating, cooling and ventilation are a major part of small businesses utility bills and little changes can make a big difference. A one-degree reduction can save 10% on your heating and cooling bill. But decreasing costs and saving energy does not mean you have to create an uncomfortable environment for your employees. As with lighting, simple green steps can save businesses money without compromising on the comfort. Following are 5 simple tips:

1)   Set thermostats between 69 and 71 degrees Fahrenheit for heating and between 75 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit for cooling. You can also upgrade to a programmable thermostat such as the Nest.

2)   Ensure that furniture or draperies are not blocking heating and cooling registers.

3)   Don’t place lamps or other appliances that release heat near the thermostat. Heat from these appliances is sensed by the thermostat and could cause your system to work harder than required.

4)   Keep your heating and cooling systems well tuned with periodic maintenance by professionals. Clean or replace air filters frequently.

5)   Relax the corporate dress code . Learn more about savings associated with dress codes.

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