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Going Green-Show Employees You Care With Green Gifts

By September 19, 2011Blog, Member News

Environmentally conscious businesses can get resourceful and find ways to go green in all areas, including corporate gifts. Be sure to make a statement and show your commitment to being green by making sure that your gifts follow the same green philosophy. Your employees will notice how important the environment really is to your business, and might just carry those thoughts into their own gift giving. It really is the thought that counts. Employees will recognize the extra effort taken to research and find green gifts. When every penny is counted in the corporation to try and save money, they will appreciate the extra spent on them. If the employees know that you care enough to take this extra time, they feel more appreciated. An employee that feels more appreciated will make an extra effort at work, and become a more efficient worker. So, although more might be spent on a gift in the beginning, in the end, the corporation might have a bigger profit margin because of increased productivity.

Almost any item given out today as a corporate gift can be found in an eco friendly category. Of course, the trick is to make sure that the eco friendly tag is real and not just for show. If there is ever a question on if the status is true, take more time to research the company and look into its manufacturing process. When a clear answer cannot be found on the green status, then it is time to look at a different company.

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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword
Pens and pencils are such a common gift, that they are almost cliché as a corporate gift. However, they can be revitalized if you choose pens and pencils that are either made of biodegradable plastic, or recycled plastic. If the feel of wood is preferred, then simply have them made out of the incredibly sustainable bamboo.

Raise a Cup
Coffee cups, with the corporate logo emblazoned on it, can also be made out of biodegradable or recycled plastic. These cups are also microwavable, a must for the office. Be sure to check into the material used for cups and mugs. Surprisingly, there are materials out there used to make cups which say recycled, but in fine print state that they should not be drunk out of. These types of fake cups are just for desktops and can only hold pens and pencils.

Say It with Flowers
Everything is better with flowers, and in an eco friendly pot they are even better. Recycled glass vases, or recyclable plastic containers help keep the environment in mind. Choose a plant that requires little water, or have a system in place to use recycled water to keep your plants and office green.

Take Their Work Home with Them
Recycled polyester is becoming more common and as long as the process for repurposing the polyester is done with as little chemicals as possible, this can be a truly eco friendly choice. Recycled polyester is being used in myriad items that would make awesome corporate gifts. A corporate logoed fleece vest or jacket can show your companies dedication to green as your employees where them to and from the office daily. Even messenger bags and backpacks are now made out of recycled polyester and canvas. Folios for writing tablets are a great and well used gift, and when paired with recycled writing pads, create a win-win gift.

Let Them Choose
Gift cards can come across as having a statement that one did not care enough to pick a gift. However, they also state that you cared enough to let them choose what gift would be best for them; in our budget conscious world many people love being able to choose for themselves. If the gift card is the preferred choice, then let it be a gift card to an eco friendly business. Recycling and going green is a growing industry and will not soon disappear into the world a fad-dom. Choosing a green gift will show the corporation’s dedication to the earth, to their business, and most importantly, to their employees.

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