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Go Eco-Friendly. How to Recycle Moving Boxes

By January 21, 2015Blog

The moving house process is over, but your sufferings are not quite over. After you unpacked your belongings, you are probably left with piles of cardboard boxes. You might be tempted to simply throw them in the garbage and forget about the problem. Since nowadays everything can be recycled, why not handle the issue in a “green” way by recycling the redundant storage boxes. Take advantage of these options to dispose them.

Ask Around

You know the saying “one man’s trash is another’s man treasure.”  Chances are you know someone who is also moving house and can get a good use of your cardboard boxes. Check with friends and relatives before throwing anything away.

Donate to a Charity

….or any local institution as a matter of fact. For instance, your city library will surely need storage solution to move and conserve books. The near community centre will also make good use of it

Go through a box broker. Depending on where you live, many cities have companies that specialize in buying and selling used moving boxes. Do a Google search or check with local removal companies.

Put Your Boxes Online

Yes, there are sites even for that. BoxCycle is ideal for people who live in the U.S. All you need to do is to list the boxes for sale and the company will do the rest for you. This is a great starting point that is worth checking out!

Cragalist is yet another excellent place to post boxes. You can sell exchange or give them away. It is a quick easy and most importantly free way of getting rid storage options that you don’t need any more.

U-haul’s community boards work similarly to Craigslist. This is a typical site for buying, selling and exchanging items, including used boxes. These online community boards are very flexible. You can look for people, who are requesting boxes or you can post a message.

Compost It!

Although, this is not one of the best ways to handle the situation, some people use these boxes as a compost bin. You should place the bin in a flat ground level, preferably in your backyard. Still, it should be protected from the wildlife. The decomposing process consists of two phases. First you need to start “cooking” your waste in a tumbler and then you can put them in the bin to finish the decomposing.  

Local Recycling Programs

There are many cities and towns that offer recycling big amounts of cardboard. The downside is that you will probably need to drive your waste to the community centre. When you make your research ask about details such as size, amount or whether   the boxes should to be flattened.

You can also check with a removal company.  During moving house you probably, used removal service to get rid of unnecessary appliance. See if the removals offer any type of box clearance. Very often they are involved in green practices and will recycle the boxes for you.

Article granted on behalf of: removalservicelondon.org.uk

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