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GBB member Ecorite Imaging Helps Set the Stage for Obama¹s G8 Speech



President Obama gave a speech today launching a new era in food security — as a lead-in to the 2012 G8 Summit this weekend — in front of eco-responsible banners created by Paris Design.  Paris Design, who also developed the graphic materials and conference signage, partners with Ecorite Imaging, Inc. <http://www.ecoriteimaging.com> , the premier provider of print on biodegradable and recycled plastic materials using environmentally-friendly UV inks.

Hosted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs <http://www.thechicagocouncil.org>  this Annual Symposium on Global Agriculture and Food Safety was held at the D.C. International Trade Center.  The event was moved up about two months to coincide with the President’s focus on food security at the G8 summit.

Bono, Hillary Clinton, African nation Presidents, federal agency and global corporate leaders participated in “Advancing Food and Nutrition Security at the 2012 G8 Summit.”

The banner backdrops feature African men and women engaged in sustainable agricultural practices.  The banners were made of fabric woven from recycled plastic bottles – to underline the critical connection between sustainable environmental practices and food security needs.

All ERI biodegradable materials have unlimited shelf and display life.  They are engineered to decompose only when they encounter microbial activity in the environment and specifically in anaerobic landfills.  Traditional plastic substrates take centuries to start breaking down, while ERI’s bioactive plastics decompose naturally, depending on site conditions, usually in less than seven years, compared to hundreds of years for traditional plastic substrates.

Whether you are preparing a presentation by your board president, having the President of the United States as a guest, or simply want to use the most sustainable practices for all your print and display needs, Ecorite Imaging, Inc. and Paris Design are your “go to” companies.

To learn more about ERI products, or to request free samples, visit www.ecoriteimaging.com <http://www.ecoriteimaging.com/>  or call: 1-800-326-9737 (from 9 am to 5 pm EST) to speak to a representative.

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