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Food Waste Remains a Big Problem for 2013

By December 31, 2012Blog, Member News

According to the report by Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition (BCFN), the economic impact of food waste in the United States is about $197.7 billion. Gina- Marie Cheeseman, from TriplePundit, discusses the causes and recommendations for reducing food waste. Read the article.

Here are some tips from the Green Business Bureau to help your business go green in the lunch break:

  • Bring your own dishes and coffee mug to work.
  • Replace plastic knives and forks in the break room with silverware or biodegradable utensils.
  • Request your favorite restaurant to deliver food without napkins and plastic cutlery.
  • Substitute plastic ziplocs and brown bags with reusable lunch bags and boxes available in the market.Start a Composting Project: Composting can minimize waste that goes to the landfill. Kitchen waste, leaves, grass clippings, shredded paper, cardboard boxes, fruits and vegetables can all be composted. Products like meat and bones should be kept out of the compost.

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