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FlexJobs-Allowing People To Work In Environmentally Responsible Ways

FlexJobs is the leading job service for hand-screened and professional flexible, part-time, telecommuting, and freelance job listings. FlexJobs gives job-seekers an ad-free way to find legitimate jobs quickly, easily, and safely. A proud member of the Better Business Bureau, FlexJobs’ trained research team identifies quality job leads in over 50 career categories, ranging from entry-level to executive, freelance to full-time. FlexJobs is a green, carbon-balanced company that is leading the way to the future of work by promoting telecommuting and flexible jobs that allow people work in environmentally responsible ways.

FlexJobs' Sara telecommutes

We asked Sara Sutton Fell about 2-3 actual examples of things FlexJobs is doing to be green? Here is her response….
1) FlexJobs has made long-term commitments to environmental sustainability by becoming a Green Certified member of the Green Business Bureau and carbon-balanced through Terrapass.

2) Every year in honor of Earth Day, FlexJobs works with The Nature Conservancy’s Plant a Billion initiative to donate a tree for every new subscription it receives during the weekend surrounding Earth Day.

3) FlexJobs employees are all telecommuters working from their home offices. To ensure their practices are environmentally friendly, FlexJobs employees have pledged to work as green as possible, by recycling, CFL or LED light bulb use, lowered electricity usage, and potted plants which offset VOCs and CO2 emissions.

Sara, what have been some of the biggest challenges to going green? “Coordinating a team of 16 employees spread across the United States and Europe has some challenges, for sure! Our climate differences make it important for every employee to craft a green plan that works for them, their location, and their families. What works for someone during the summer months in Portland, Oregon doesn’t always work for someone in Atlanta, Georgia. With such a flexible workforce, it’s important to trust that our employees will make the decisions that are right for them and for the environment.”

What positive results has FlexJobs seen from going green? “Since we are a virtual company, we have implemented an Corporate Environmental Sustainability Vision Statement that we have all new team members commit to for their home offices. It includes items such as turning off lights that are not being used, opting for natural light and ventilation when possible, using recycled paper and other office products, reducing air leads around windows and doorways, etc. Additionally in their home offices, everyone has replaced light bulbs with high-efficiency CFL or LED light bulbs and gotten a houseplant to help off-set VOCs and CO2 (and submitting receipts for reimbursement!). Our job seekers and employers absolutely love the fact that FlexJobs is a green certified business, so we’ve seen some great impacts in terms of current client satisfaction and new clients who come to us because they want to use a green job search service, either to post available jobs or to find them. And we’ve been well-reviewed by websites like TheGreenMomReview.comand GreenAndCleanMom.org, which has helped us reach new clients. In addition, going green has opened up partnership opportunities with some great organizations like Plant a Billion, the Mother Nature Network, and Green Technology Worldto increase awareness about our services.”

Have you noticed a cost savings and if so, how? “Absolutely. From an operations perspective, not having office space to eat/cool/construct/clean/maintain certainly decreases costs along with our carbon footprint. Because we are an almost-paperless office, our printing costs are virtually zero. And because we try to use as little heat or air conditioning as possible, opting instead for fans and windows to increase air flow, and layering clothing to stay comfortably warm, our employees’ home utility bills are lowered.”

Please tell us about your experience with the GBB. “Great! Joining the GBB gave us the motivation to get organized about our commitment to our company’s environmental policies. We have involved everyone in our company, and they are all committed and excited too! Additionally, by putting the logo on our website, we’re able to let our users know that we are committed to doing our part in this beautiful world we all share.”

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