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Finding Green Employment: More than Just Money

With all the talk about environmental conservation, save the planet, make a change, go green, a seriously environmentally minded person may wonder how in the world to find a green company to work for. Even more with fraud on the rise and the internet not being so reliable for truths, how does one distinguish the true from the false?

If one of your career goals is to work for a company specifically because they claim to be green, research and investigation is required. Simply going online and picking the company with the best looking site will cause more trouble than it is worth and not be worth the time saved by clicking on a “sponsored link.” Bad companies know that any trend makes for an easy target and that the typical person is a sucker for glam and bling. Your job is not to be that target, but to be a well informed job hunter. So, go ahead and start at Monster or another job search engine, but once you have identified some potential companies, do a bit of research on their green efforts.

The Name’s Big Brother, and I’m Here to Help

Although many people do not like the idea of “big brother” watching over them, the government is always the safest bet for finding a trusted website for information. Sites that are .com, .net, .biz, or my favorite .org may appear legit, and seem upfront and true with information and promises, but there is no way of knowing for sure. The only guarantee in the world is that .gov, will always be a state or government website, and thus the information will be pretty reliable. The search may not always be easy, but the government does put the information out there needed to help a citizen make a good decision.

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has created an initiative, called the Clean Energy Collaborative, to help people and businesses to buy and create green power. Their site www.epa.gov/greenpower/ showcases companies that have already achieved green power usage levels of vary degrees. Among other great information, this site includes maps to locate green product companies and a calculator to find out how much money can be saved when going green. Essentially, the EPA has made a one stop shop for everything on how to go green with electricity. You can use this site to locate potential green companies to apply to, or, if you are in the market to partner with someone on green energy company you can find them here.

LEED The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is an excellent site to obtain ideas on how to create a green building, or remodel an existing one to be green. At www.usgbc.org, there is a nationally recognized standard for green building; even the U.S. Army builds to their specifications. By researching the information on the LEED website, you can learn what to look for in the company you are checking out. LEED issues awards for varying degrees of environmental conservation, whether with a new building, a retrofitted building, or even simply an interior store front. If a company shows up with a LEED award, you can be assured that they have met a standard in environmental conservation. Again, a good way to judge a potential employer or business partner.

Big Brother’s big sister would be the Better Business Bureau (BBB). When considering a new business to collaborate with, the research should always involve the BBB. The BBB has a nationally recognized standard for how businesses should interact with consumers and follows all complaints and charges for that company. Both BBB and GBB provide a variety of information on whether a company is accredited and promised to follow certain standards. Even if the company is not accredited by a BBB , research can be done on site to find out if any complaints have been filed against the company. A business not coming up on the site does not mean they are good or bad, just that more research needs to be done.

Know Your Partner
Whether research is done through a government site, a nationally government accepted website, or through another organization, the point is that research needs to be done. A person does not simply walk into a store, point at a fifty inch panel television and say, “I’ll buy it.” That person does research to see what the specifications are on the TV and to find out what store has the best price. Green companies need to be handled the same way or you can find yourself working for a snake oil sales company.

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