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Expert Mosquito & Tick Control Joins The Green Business Bureau

By July 20, 2016Blog

Expert Mosquito

Press Release

For Immediate Release July 20, 2016

Quincy, Massachusetts – When most people think of pest control, toxic chemicals and harmful pesticides come to mind. Many of these pesticides are formulated in a laboratory setting, with little regard to the sustainability of the ecosystem or the planet. As a pest control company, Expert Mosquito & Tick Control feels it is important to make clients realize that they are committed to helping the environment. Their goal is to implement sustainable industry practices that will improve environmental impact and to ensure the health and safety for their customers. The company practices integrated pest control methods, which helps to control mosquitos and ticks using nature as a guide.

Reinforcing their values of environmental conservation and natural resource management, Expert Mosquito & Tick Control has joined the Green Business Bureau, which is a national membership organization that uses an online assessment to certify green businesses. Expert Mosquito & Tick Control embodies the goal to be the most environmentally responsible and ethically engaged enterprise in the industry and looks forward to solidify their commitment to a green environment for their customers.

Among Expert Mosquito & Tick Control’s key environmental initiatives:

  • Educate or customers as to which types of plantings and vegetation naturally repel mosquitos and ticks
  • Offer a 100% naturally organic option to control mosquitoes and ticks
  • All pesticides used are EPA approved as safe for residential applications
  • The insecticides are safe for children and pets
  • The insecticides also do not harm unintended insects, such as honeybees and butterflies
  • Use their products on their own property

For more information on Expert Mosquito & Tick Control, please visit http://www.themosquitoexperts.com

For more information on the GBB program, please visit http://www.gbb.org

About Expert Mosquito & Tick Control: Offers property protection from mosquitoes and ticks to customers in both a residential and commercial capacity. Offers one-time event sprays as well as seasonal protection.  Summer in New England is such a short window!  Why not enjoy as much time outdoors as possible without the nuisance and health risks associated with mosquitoes and ticks!

Contact Information:

Stephen Novick, President/CEO
Expert Mosquito & Tick Control
1200 Hancock Street, Suite 311
Quincy, MA 02169

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