EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. – Excel Dryer understands that a coordinated approach to green restroom design is one that uses the most up-to-date, high-efficiency products to reduce energy usage, conserve water, save money and contribute to a better environment overall. With this holistic and environmentally friendly approach, Excel Dryer saw the need to adopt a benchmark for sustainable business practices and joined Green Business Bureau, which is a national membership organization that uses an online assessment to certify green businesses. A proud member since 2011, Excel Dryer embodies the goal to be the most environmentally responsible and ethically engaged manufacturer in the industry. The organization will continue to be an innovator and champion for change, leading the industry by example.


Excel Dryer is committed to encouraging everyone to make greener choices in the areas of energy conservation and waste reduction. The Green Business Bureau provides guidance on sustainable practices as the company seeks to continue lowering its environmental impact. “Excel Dryer always attempts to engage in a dialogue with customers, sharing credible, third-party testing results to substantiate environmental claims,” as William Gagnon, Vice President of Marketing at Excel Dryer states. “With so much information being disseminated in the market, it is becoming increasingly important to communicate environmental claims not only through corporate communications but also through alliances with and certifications from organizations like the Green Business Bureau.”

Among Excel Dryer’s key environmental initiatives:

  • The family-owned and -operated company revolutionized the industry with the invention of patented XLERATOR® Hand Dryer technology that created the high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryer category and set a new standard for performance, reliability and customer satisfaction.
  • Became the first hand dryer company to commission an independent Life Cycle Assessment, which was peer reviewed to ISO 14040 standards, that confirmed the XLERATOR Hand Dryer reduces the carbon footprint of hand drying by 50-75 percent versus even 100 percent recycled paper towels.
  • The XLERATOReco® Hand Dryer, uses ‘no heat’ technology to dry hands using only 500 watts making it the most environmentally friendly hand dryer on the planet. Like the XLERATOR, the XLERATOReco Hand Dryer’s featured options include a noise reduction nozzle and a HEPA Filtration System that can be used to create a quiet and clean air flow.
  • Excel Dryer places just as much importance and emphasis on creating environmentally responsible products as it does substantiating product claims with third party and industry consensus testing. This provides evaluation methods and credible data that buyers and specifiers can use to make ‘apples to apples’ comparisons and more informed decisions. In an effort to ‘level the playing field’ and usher hand dryer manufacturers into a new age of transparency, Excel Dryer initiated the process with UL Environment (a business division of Underwriters’ Laboratories) and was asked to chair the committee to create Product Category Rules (PCR) for the hand dryer industry. The result of their efforts set a precedent — the PCR developed was the first global standard for any industry and the first industry-consensus standard for the hand dryer industry.
  • To Excel Dryer, education comes in many forms. In addition to information-sharing through their own marketing materials and industry-specific publications, educational courses have remained a top priority of the company. Excel Dryer has again partnered with Penny Bonda of Ecoimpact consulting, to craft a Continuing Education Unit (CEU) course. Bonda, known as “the mother of green interiors,” has long recognized Excel Dryer as an industry leader and a provider of sustainable and responsible restroom solutions. The course, titled “Next Generation Green Restroom Design v2” (NGGRDv2) is approved by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) and the Interior Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC).
  • Excel Dryer is a strong supporter of the international Green Apple Day of Service, an initiative from the Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council that brings together advocates from around the world and encourages them to take action in their communities through service projects at local schools. The Day of Service, now in its fourth year, provides an opportunity for students, teachers, parents, elected officials, organizations, companies and more to transform all schools into healthy, safe, cost-efficient and productive learning places. Through its Green Apple partnership, Excel Dryer created custom Green Apple covers for their high-speed, energy-efficient XLERATOR Hand Dryers that are available for any facility to purchase and a portion of all proceeds go back to support the Green Apple program. The Green Apple XLERATOR Hand Dryer can be co-branded to include school logos, colors, mascots or a custom sustainability message. In addition, the Green Apple XLERATOR Hand Dryer comes with new features including adjustable speed, sound and heat settings, as well as, multi-voltage options, and is available with the industry’s most complete line of optional accessories including a noise reduction nozzle and HEPA Filtration System for a clean and quiet air flow.
  • In 2013, Excel Dryer formed a partnership with Architecture 2030, a nonprofit, nonpartisan and independent organization established in response to the climate change crisis. Architecture 2030’s mission is to rapidly transform the built environment from a major contributor of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to a solution for the climate and energy crisis through two primary objectives: reducing fossil fuel consumption and GHG emissions; and the regional development of an adaptive, resilient built environment that can manage the impacts of climate change, preserve natural resources and access low-cost, renewable energy resources. Specifically, Excel Dryer became a partner of the 2030 Challenge for Products, an initiative that seeks thought leaders of the global architecture and building community to adopt, design and manufacture ‘green’ and sustainable products to reduce the carbon footprint by 50 percent below the product average by the year 2030. As part of the 2030 Challenge for Products, Architecture 2030 requires manufacturers to produce third party expert verified Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies and requires architectural and building professionals to specify low-carbon building products that meet the program targets. The peer reviewed (per ISO 14040 standards) Life Cycle Assessment of XLERATOR confirmed it reduces the carbon footprint of hand drying by 50-75 percent when compared to both traditional hand dryers and even 100 percent recycled paper towels.



About Excel Dryer:

For over 50 years, Excel Dryer has been manufacturing the finest American made hand dryers featuring the XLERATOR Hand Dryer. Excel Dryer is a family-owned and –operated company which revolutionized the industry by inventing the patented XLERATOR technology that created the high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryer category and set a new standard for performance, reliability and customer satisfaction. Excel Dryer continues to lead the industry with its expanded and enhanced product line featuring adjustable speed and sound, HEPA Filtration System, adjustable heat settings, multi-voltage options and more. Combined with the most complete line of options and accessories, the best hand drying solution can be designed for any restroom environment. Excel Dryer prides itself on offering the ultimate customer service and making dependable products by employees committed to quality and dependability. Excel Dryer products are available through an established network of sales representatives who call on more than 4,000 distributors globally for distribution worldwide. Learn more about Excel Dryer at



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