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Eco-friendly house cleaning

By December 4, 2014Blog

Cleaning is one of the most important jobs around your home. It guarantees that your rooms are sanitized and that the environment is safe for your health, as well as your mood. Regular cleaning routines should be adopted in order to make cleaning less of a chore and more effective. It can be bothersome and tiring, but also dangerous if you are not careful what you use.


A good number of cleaning solutions on the market can be quite bad for human health. A lot of those are toxic, can contribute to respiratory diseases, cause skin irritations and much worse conditions, none of which are desirable. Possible side effects like these sound scary, but fact is that certain ingredients can be indeed quite hazardous. It is a good idea to avoid such cleaning solutions, when possible, especially when there is an alternative – natural cleaners.


These are very effective at domestic cleaning, and come with the added bonus of having no negative side effects. Most popular among them are:

  • Lemons and lemon juice – the acid component in this citrus fruit can do wonders in removing rust stains and dirt. It can also dissolve soap scum and hard water deposits in your bathroom and kitchen areas, plus you can mix it with some salt to make a really effective scouring paste. Lemon juice can be used for countertops to disinfect and deodorize them, as well as provide overall assistance in the kitchen – washing dishes for example. Lemon juice can also create hardwood polish, when coupled with olive oil. This natural cleaning solution can help you in sanitizing the trash bin area. Simply cut a lemon in half and run it through the disposal to clean it and give a great smell. Lemon can also enhance the whiteness of your clothes, as it serves as a natural bleach ingredient.
  • Vinegar – one of the most powerful all-purpose natural cleaners you can ever have in your home. Just mix equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle and you are ready to clean and sanitize your entire house. It will work wonders in the bathroom – use it on the bathtub, sink, countertops, and showerheads. Besides that, vinegar can clean windows and even floors, unless they are wood or marble, which can be harmed by it. Vinegar counters mold, mildew and bacteria, all of which can be harmful for human health. You can use the same cleaning solution for your dishwasher and coffeemaker.
  • Baking soda – it can be used for scrubbing surfaces, instead of other non-abrasive cleaning solutions. It can clean concrete surfaces, like your garage for example. We have all had problems cleaning oil and grease spills. Well, baking soda is a nice solution. It can also help in removing stains from teacups and mugs, as well as clean utensils

Do consider any of the above cleaning solutions for your home, for they are truly harmless and can get the cleaning job done. They are cheaper, easy to make and, considering health comes first, are definitely an option.

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