Lawncare and landscaping businesses that are eco-friendly and practice sustainability are realizing real benefits including cost savings, new customers and sales growth.  Attracting new customers has become more complicated since consumers often consider how eco-friendly and green a business is before making a purchase decision. In fact, a recent study showed that around 84% of consumers seek sustainable commitments from companies they buy from. With such a large percentage of consumers seeking green businesses, it’s vital lawncare and landscaping companies be eco-friendly.

Easy and Affordable Green Initiatives That Make a Difference

There are dozens of different measures landscapers can take to be eco-friendly and protect the environment, but where does a business start?  The first step should be to focus on the easy-to-implement and impactful initiatives. Some excellent first steps include keeping the grass taller and only cutting the grass to 2 ½ inches, planting only locally-sourced plants native to the area, composting any grass cuttings or plants dug up, and using organic fertilizer. Most of these steps require no incremental investments and can even save you money. Cutting the grass to only 2 ½ inches may seem arbitrary but reduces the amount of watering required while protecting the lawn from drying out. Composting the plant remains and grass clippings will leave your customers satisfied with a clean lawn and yard while creating a fertilizer for creating natural rich soil in the future.

Organic Fertilizers Matter

We all know that the fertilizers that landscapers use impact the environment and can be harmful.  For example, non-organic fertilizers often suck the nutrients out of the soil and force the grass or plants to rely on that same fertilizer to survive.  These same fertilizers can be harmful to humans and animals via runoff by rain into streams and drinking water sources. One simple tip…avoid runoff by not applying fertilizer when rainfall is expected in the next 24 hours.  Ideally, green landscapers should use organic fertilizers that are healthier for the lawn and safe for the environment. New eco-friendly alternative fertilizers aren’t very expensive or difficult to apply and may save you money.  Here’s a great list to consider: 10 Best Organic lawn fertilizers.

Going Above and Beyond with Battery-Powered Landscaping

For those businesses wanting to take sustainable landscaping to the next level, there are more intermediate-level eco-friendly initiatives including migrating to electric and battery power.  One of the biggest air and noise pollutants in the lawn care industry is the gas-powered tools and machines used. Using a gas-powered mower for one hour emits as much pollution as a car driving 100 miles. Eco-friendly landscapers should use electric and battery-powered tools and mowers that are quieter and don’t emit pollutants. This article from Popular Mechanics, This Spring’s Seven Best Electric Lawn Mowers provides some excellent options. One of the biggest landscaping business complaints from customers is the noise, so going electric may attract a whole new market of consumers who would prefer a quieter service.

Sustainable Landscaping Is Good For Business, Good for the Planet

Today’s consumers are smart and conscientious about the businesses they buy from.  Most believe in climate change and are committed to lowering their carbon footprint and protecting the environment. With these concerns becoming so prevalent, it is time for businesses to join consumers in pursuing sustainability and going green. Not only is going green good for the environment, it’s good for your business as well.

While saving money, your business can attract new customers and advertise itself as green by earning the Green Business Bureau Seal. The Green Business Bureau also helps guide businesses on how to go green and where to start. Using the GBB EcoPlanner, businesses can pick and choose from low to high cost initiatives that are low to high impact and complete the GBB Green Business Certification. Businesses that do not have the capital to go fully sustainable can take small steps in the right direction by starting with a handful of green initiatives that makes sense for them. Bottom line, going green is the right thing to do and it’s just good business.

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  • Jennifer p says:

    100% agree about making the move from a gas powered lawn mower to one of the new battery powered tech mowers. They have a lot of power and are so much better on the environment. I ended up going with the 40V Greenworks that got good reviews here if anyone is doing research. But I’m also going to get rid of my gas powered leaf blower and string trimmer. Every little thing you can eliminate that pollutes via fossil fuels is one step closer to a clean environment

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