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Don’t be square go green! The Full circle Business

By September 30, 2011Blog, Member News

Author: Isaac Nartey
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If anyone has participated in any kind of volunteering or charity work, they would understand the immensely satisfying feeling they get from helping others. Last Christmas myself and a couple of friends went to help out a church in north London where they allow people that are homeless to sleep over on Christmas eve and then be fed breakfast and dinner on Christmas day. When we left the place there was this feeling that I could only describe as ‘full circle’. All year we had been sweating hard on our business, running up and down spending long days and nights in the office to squeeze out profits and now after all the money making it felt like we were giving back with our time and money. Make the money then give it back. People say when you give to the poor you give to God that was the feeling of completeness, the feeling of being powerful enough to give something to someone they couldn’t provide for themselves, the power of giving back to the world, the full circle.

During the year I help run a social enterprise which specialises in producing theatrical productions for people who have scripts but can never find anyone to bring it to life. Though most of my profit comes from my other business where I provide Green oil investments for people. I basically give people the opportunity to take up investment plans in plants which provide oil which can be used as a renewable source of energy. Their investment allows them to purchase land where the green oil plants are planted, which they are then paid rent on annually for 5 to 10 years where within 4 years they receive their full investment back. The great thing is after those 5, 10 year investment plans those green plants still provide oil for the next 50 years. So it’s great seeing people profit on their money, while I am making my cut from the investment, but it’s even greater to know that when I am putting money in my pocket and making myself wealthy, I am making the world wealthy. With so many resources running out its great to put something back in and there comes that feeling of full circle again but this time I don’t have to go to a church, a charity or give a hand full of cash to the guy asking for food on the street to get that feeling, it has its own compartment within my own business. I think everyone should experience that feeling and feel as though they profit with integrity, that feeling that completes all the labour and toil for profit that feeling of Full circle. Go Green !

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