There are many ways to help the environment, and one of the easiest options is by going green at home. This can be done in a number of ways, including green home improvements that really help to protect or improve the environment. Here are some of the most popular green home improvements that are also good for the environment.

Spend Money on Hidden Benefits

Homeowners who take the time to insulate their homes properly will generally find that they have lower power bills. They will have more comfortable spaces that benefit them, while also benefitting the environment by reducing personal demands for power such as coal and fossil fuels. Strongly sealed homes that ventilate correctly along soffits and attic areas with plenty of insulation in the walls and ceilings keep the home comfortable all year round with a lower level of power required to heat and cool it. Well-insulated doors and Energy Star rated windows can also help to reach this goal.

Consider Salvaged and Reclaimed Materials

When homeowners remodel with reclaimed and salvaged materials, they reuse and recycle items that already exist. That keeps the demand for more materials lower, reducing the impact on landfills, lowering the number of trees that are cut down, and making things easier on the environment as a whole. No matter what type of remodel is being done, there are generally ways to use at least some salvaged and recycled materials. In many cases homeowners really like the look and feel of these unique options. It also gives the home a style that is difficult to replicate, so individuality and a commitment to the environment can both be easily expressed.

Reduce Power Consumption While Staying Comfortable

The less power a homeowner is using, the easier it is on the environment. For those who are dedicated, switching over to solar or geothermal power can make a big difference in both bills and environmental impact. Additionally, homeowners can make simple improvements to save on energy costs. These can include installing programmable thermostats, using an HVAC system that is newer and more efficient, and switching to Energy Star rated appliances. Choosing these types of options protects the homeowner from high power bills, postively impacts the environment by reducing power consumption, and can also mean a more comfortable home throughout the year.

Turn the Yard Into a Garden

A lot of people have beautiful yards full of grass, but how often do they really use that space? They have to mow and maintain it, but they are not helping the environment by doing so. Instead of simply having a yard, homeowners who want to go green and help the environment can turn their yard into a garden. Raised beds, carefully planned spaces, and potted as well as hanging options, can turn even a very small space into a highly productive garden. Re-using collected rainwater to keep the plants happy and healthy means there is no need for a sprinkler system, and the garden itself will reduce the demand on the planet’s resources.

Depending on the level of remodeling and improving a homeowner wants to undertake, there are a significant number of choices available that can help with environmental impact. Everything from a thermostat that turns the heat on and off on a schedule to solar panels on the roof can be considered. For those who want to make things easier on the environment, green home improvements are a great way to get started and make a true difference.


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Preston Guyton

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