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Deodorizing and sanitizing tips for objects where dogs and cats play

By April 27, 2015Blog

The areas and the objects where play pets like cats and dogs usually require a more frequent cleaning, due to the spread of pet hair and the risk of thriving unhealthy bacteria. That’s why you should pay more attention to these objects in the house and a great idea is to clean them on a weekly basis. The deep cleaning should also be quite frequent like every month or within a few months. However, the best way to ensure cleanliness and to make the rooms more visually pleasing is to deodorize and sanitize when deep cleaning. Next are few tips and examples of what’s to come during this yet overwhelming and complex activity.

First, deep clean carpets and rugs with a hot water cleaning machine. Use a rental carpet machine or call a dependable and professional cleaning company and request a quote. The hot-water extraction method is perfect for deep cleaning whole carpets and rugs. The decreasing power of the hot water eliminates bacteria and pollen, while dissolving greasy spots and dirt in the meantime. Moreover, you can add a tiny amount of a deodorizing and sanitizing agent to enhance even more the cleaning power of the machine. It’s like doing three or more activities at a time. The final effect should also be flawless, especially after a complete drying of the treated surfaces. Just make sure that your rugs and carpets are safe for cleaning via hot-water methods. Always consult the label on the backing of the carpet, first.

Sofas, chairs and pillows are other important objects to sanitize. For this, use a vacuuming machine to pre-vacuum the edges of the sofas, the seat and the areas under the elbow rests. Pre-vacuum under the sofa or just everywhere. You don’t need to remove the hardest stains or to try to achieve a clean effect. Pre-vacuuming is just a preparation of the upholstery, as well as fastest and easiest way to get rid of the pet hair. Then, make yourself a homemade sanitizing detergent of boiling water, baking soda, salt, dish-washing detergent and a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol. Apply the solution onto the heavily stained areas and spots, and rub well with a clean towel. Repeat the procedure until the dirt dissolves and it forms a clean foam. Then, let it soak up to sanitize and eliminate all the bacteria and microorganisms.

Clean bed coverings and deep clean the mattresses. The light textile surfaces like bed sheets and other light objects can be deep cleaned and sanitized in the washing machine. Just run it on a higher water temperature. Then, clean the mattresses if needed according to their labels and apply an extra protective spray against bacteria and microorganisms. This will ensure the cleaning effect for a longer time and it`s an especially important extra layer of protection when you let your pets to play on the beds.

After deep cleaning and sanitizing, there may be a need for deodorizing. This will reduce the pet odor and it’s important to use only eco or pet-friendly deodorizers. They usually work on all kinds of surfaces – from carpets and tiled flooring, to tables, sofas and chairs in the living room.

Above all, make sure to take regular cares about the cleanliness of your pets themselves. An antimicrobial dog leash is one of the quintessential methods for protection when you walk the dog outdoors. A regular veterinary inspection will also ensure cleanliness and safety for your pets, which on the other hand means less unhealthy bacteria and a need for sanitizing or deodorizing the entire house.

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