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This post is contributed by Corodata for GBB’s Guest Blog Week.

Corodata is a certified California Green Business, a result of our commitment to industry leadership towards a Green environment.  Our methods, procedures and equipment make us a unique business partner for clients whose goals include sustainability and preserving the environment.

In addition to the benefit to the environment, lower operating costs translate into greater savings for our clients! 

Our green initiative has impact on reducing the global carbon footprint:  In 2011, Corodata recycled 7,084 tons of paper for clients, which, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, saved, 120,000 trees, 28 million KW of energy, 2.7 million gallons of oil, 50 million gallons of water, and 21,300 cubic yards of landfill.

This is how Corodata has earned the right to be called “Green”.

  • We recycle cartons, the paper contents within the cartons, and other materials used in records management.  Paper resulting from the secure document destruction by shredding is recycled into various consumer products.  We are a member of the Northern California Recycling Association.
  • Our Record Centers are state of the art, designed solely for record storage, and maximizes Green technology:
    • Energy-efficient lighting complemented by the use of timers, dimmers, and motion-detection sensors.
    • Low flow faucets and toilets to ensure water conservation.
    • Through the use of our state-of-the-art software, we can virtually eliminate the use of paper in the management of our more technology savvy clients’ information.
    • Our Pt. Richmond Record Center, built specifically for records management, is a U.S. Green Building Council LEED certified building.
    • Our Vehicles are selected for their use of regular gas, fuel efficiency, low emissions, and high performance.  These include:
      • The Honda Element with i-VTEC technology for fuel efficiency and low emissions.
      • The Ford Transit which delivers low emissions with a high percentage of reusable parts and materials.
      • We engage Fleetwash for cleaning our vehicles.  Fleetwash has developed a water recovery process that removes soaps, chemicals, oils and other effluents from the water, which can then be safely reused.
      • We purchase energy efficient office equipment.
      • We design routes and schedules for our drivers that minimize mileage and time on the road.

Our California Green Business Certification was awarded by the Santa Clara County Integrated Waste Management Division as part of the state-wide California Green Business Program.

Corodata’s commitment extends to our membership in the Northern California Recycling Association and the Bay Area Quality Management District’s Spare the Air Employer Program.  This program educates and motivates employees to reduce air pollution in their daily lives.  We provide information (e.g., schedules, routes) to help employees choose car pooling, public transportation, walking and biking to and from work, particularly on spare the air days.  We provide tools and information to incorporate spare the air strategies ranging from commuting to gardening to barbeques.

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