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Can Eco-Friendly Cars be Manly?

The term hybrid car leads one to envision a tiny compact car with little horsepower and a boxy exterior.  However, many car companies are stepping forward and working hard to produce a tough guy’s hybrid sports car.  These cars need to have the horsepower to go 0 to 60 in under six seconds, and need to have the smooth, curvy lines that make heads turn.  The real trick that needs to be performed is to have what can qualify as a macho car can be more than just a temporary hybrid.  Going electric part of the time is nice, but if the distance is short, then can it really have a positive impact on the environment? The hybrid part needs to be more than just a pretty chromed symbol slapped on the side.

Vision of the Future

BMW has a current prototype car which they labeled as the “Vision Efficient Dynamics” that has growing potential and is slotted to be in production by 2013.  Currently, it boasts an electric drive with ion batteries that can go for 30 miles.  Not too impressive when someone driving a sports car doesn’t just drive it to go to the corner market. The feature that will be amazing and jaw dropping is that this 356 horsepower hybrid will go 0 – 60 in 4.8 seconds and achieve 63 miles to the gallon. This car has taken sleek and sexy to a new level and has the looks to drop straight into a science fiction movie. The all glass polycarbonate skin makes it light on its feet and will certainly turn heads.

Always a Classic

Porsche already has the 918 Spyder hybrid on pre-order, for the price of a small nation, although models will not hit the street until 2013.  With the looks of a car that just finished a race in the Le Mans league, this car will get even the dullest person’s heart pumping. Hair will dry in seconds when the convertible version is used and speeds up to 199 miles per hour are achieved with this 500 horsepower V8 engine. The 918 Spyder sounds as cool as is it fast; reaching 60 miles per hour in 3.1 seconds. The final figures are still to be determined but Porsche says this beauty will get up to 94 miles per hour on its two electric motors.

Getting Inspiration from the Past

Tired of talking about the concept and the promised to be in production cars? Then the Tesla Car Company is the answer to your twitching right foot. Tesla is the only car company in the United States actually producing an all electric sports car.  This small California company has the major companies panicked and scrambling to catch up in the hybrid sports car universe. The Tesla Roadster has the appearance of an offspring from Magnum PI’s sleek Lamborghini and a curvy Jaguar. The Roadster’s stance screams to go fast, which it can do easily by hitting 60 miles per hour in 3.7 seconds.  Tesla made sure the Roadster has the stamina to go the distance. When other companies are satisfied with achieving all electric power for a measly 30 miles, the Roadster can tear up pavement for 245 miles on a single charge. You’ll have just enough time to get back and have a leisurely dinner while it gets charged up in only three and half hours. Heads will be turning as this silent demon flies past on the asphalt.

The Future is Still Bright

Although the Tesla Company is currently the only hybrid sports car on the market in the United States, there is hope for the next couple of years.  Companies have been working feverishly to get concept cars from the drawing board on to the road.  Hydrogen fueled sports cars had a great jump around 2008 because there were heavy tax incentives for all types of alternative fuels. Unfortunately, in the last year, those incentives have not been renewed and now only all electric cars can be rewarded. This restriction will greatly reduce the initiative of companies to work on sports cars in other arenas besides electric because of the limited purchasing market. Thankfully, companies like Tesla have the inspiration, passion, and determination to continue working towards a head turning, heart pumping, mind blowing sports car.



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