When it comes to the transportation industry, there are many ways that fleets can be updated to positively impact the environment. From focusing on emissions to taking better care of vehicles, even small changes can make a difference in protecting the environment for generations to come.


One area where changes continue to make an impact is logistics. Trucking, one of the more sophisticated transportation and logistics businesses models, requires a large fleet working with many customers often times spanning many miles. Working with large trucks also provides many opportunities to make positive, eco-friendly changes. That’s exactly what Green Business Bureau member, Bullet Freight Systems, Inc., has been focusing on doing in recent years.

Since 2006 Kevin Dindial focused primarily on the Florida market,  however as of now Bullet Freight Systems, Inc. provides local, statewide and national direct to consignee shipments, expedited trucking, LTL and truckloads, all while offering access to strong communications systems and uniformed drivers. The business became a member of GBB this year to help increase its focus on green campaigns, including implementing programs around recycling, paper and water use reduction, and carpooling that employees have been challenged to follow both in the office and in their own homes. Kevin explains, “We feel confident that by starting the process of environmental awareness, and with proper education, everyone can make a difference in our environmental impact.”

Preventative Maintenance

In addition to the in-office environmental programs Bullet Freight Systems is undertaking, they also recently became Smartway certified and are focused on improving the impact their fleet has on the environment through preventative measures. The Bullet Freight Systems’ fleet currently undertakes preventative maintenance every 3 months or 5,000 miles, which has allowed Kevin and his team to focus on reducing excessive emissions.

Bullet Freight Systems can teach other logistics companies and other small businesses that injecting environmentally friendly practices into an existing business is not only doable, but can prove successful with just a few, focused changes.

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