Despite what you might think, the recycling system of today is incomplete. While there has been strong growth in collection rates and revenue prior to the recession, the recycling industry still requires market development to realize its full economic, environmental and social potential. Enter Bennu – a socially responsible product development and marketing company that completes the recycling loop. Bennu has been a member of Green Business Bureau since 2015 and joined to ensure every aspect of its organization has a positive impact on the environment. By creating recycled products and developing consumer markets, Bennu has been able to enhance the waste value chain, maximizing its profitability, and continues to coordinate its operational activities with the primary goal of striving to become a truly sustainable organization.

A New York-based company founded in 2009 by three MBAs with diverse backgrounds and extensive corporate social responsibility (CSR) experience, Bennu earned its first revenues in 2010 by selling customized backpacks made from recycled plastic bottles to schools across the U.S. These “Greenpacks” perfectly illustrate Bennu’s product criteria: quality and competitively priced, while reducing the amount of waste dumped into landfills and saving energy in production compared to conventional products.

Today, Bennu’s expanded lines include retail backpacks and the first iPad case made completely from recycled plastic fabric, but the company’s product portfolio capacity is immense! Products currently under consideration include apparel accessories, upholstery for hybrid cars, garbage receptacles, construction materials and industrial packaging. Bennu has successfully organized the design and supplier network to tailor its product mix to demand. This has allowed the company to respond to the booming segment of eco-conscious consumers by offering environmentally-friendly products that are manufactured through a “greener” supply chain.

One way that Bennu has been able to capture the attention of customers, including large corporations, has been through successful digital and social media campaigns. The company developed the “green it.” marketing campaign on Facebook and Twitter to support its products, while advancing the corporate social responsibility agenda of corporate partners. Because a robust CSR campaign positively engages all stakeholders, including employees, customers, investors, local communities, advocacy groups, government and the general public, the “green it.” campaign was designed to address the following focus areas: education, environmental stewardship, corporate philanthropy, volunteerism and workforce development. For example, “Trash into Treasure” is a school-based program that educates students on environmental issues and teaches problem-solving through entrepreneurship. The program’s corporate sponsors are provided branding on giveaway products such as backpacks and opportunities for employee volunteering.

One of the best parts about the “green it.” campaign is that it’s comprehensive, measurable and designed to increase enterprise value based on outcomes such as brand reputation, employee morale, competitive differentiation and attractiveness to socially responsible investors. By partnering with Bennu, corporate sponsors are afforded “CSR in a box,” — structured programs that are cost-effective, credible and ready to execute.

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