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Be Bright with A Little Less Light

The decision to be smart about lighting in your office comes early in the going green process, as the efficiency of lighting determines the needs for other building systems such as Heating, Ventilation and Cooling.

According to Energystar.gov, lighting consumes close to 35% of energy used in commercial buildings in the United States. Since this also forms a major chunk of your monthly bills, here areFour Simple Tips from Green Business Bureau to help you be bright with a little less light:

1)  Turn off the Lights: Make it a habit to turn off the lights when you are leaving your office room for more than 15 minutes. Post a reminder on the back of your door.
2)   Buy Energy Star-Rated Fixtures: Make it an official policy to buy Energy Star rated light bulbs and fixtures.
3)   Install Motion Sensors: Install motion sensors that automatically shut off lights when they are not needed.
4)   Invite in Sunlight. Open the blinds to create a naturally lit office.

For industry specific tips, visit http://www.gbb.org/resources/

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