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Award-winning food safety project management firm, The Benson Mills Group is serious about Green Certification

Green Business Bureau member, The Benson Mills Group is an award-winning food safety project management firm dedicated to nurturing the vision of food service professionals and business owners.  Their goal is to provide the tools necessary to implement processes that are aligned with the strategic vision of an organization and have a positive impact on its bottom line.

The Green Business Bureau wanted to find out a bit more about BMG and asked, “What are 2-3 Actual examples of things you are doing to be green?”  Here is what, Terri Waller, BMG’s Certified Food Safety Manager had to say:

We focus on three programs in our organization:
Food Safety Training: This program has two environmental initiatives:

-Our training classes are accessible by mass transit.  This was strategically thought out to promote clean air through encouraging the use of alternative transportation to reduce emissions in the air.
-Our training exams are now administered electronically to promote saving trees by reducing the use of paper with the exams as well as with the use scan-trons.
-Our training program also promotes the use of students borrowing study manuals.  We have 5 manuals that we continue to recycle for each student to use.  This saves trees and money.

Consulting: With our consulting program all of our documents are submitted electronically to save trees.   We also educate food service professionals on reducing FOG (Fats, Oils, and Greases) in the water supply.

Commercial Cleaning: With our commercial cleaning program we work with a janitorial supply company who focus on green cleaning products.

Excellent!  Now, “What have been some of the biggest challenges to going green?”
Organic foods and constructing a vegetable garden.

When we asked, “What are 2-3 of your favorite GBB initiatives?” BMG told us:

-Carpooling, developed a paper reduction policy, and participated in meeting focused on green initiatives around the city.

Carpooling to work
When we inquired about the positive results The Benson Mills Group has seen from going green, their reply was, “Our organization is very proud to be doing good things for the environment.”
Sheena and Terri in front of their GBB Environmental Compliance Poster 

Terri elaborated on BMG’s experience with the GBB.  “We have enjoyed the personalized attention that we receive from GBB.  Jamie is very responsive to our needs, questions and programs.”


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