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Apps to Help You Shop, Eat and Travel Better

Computers are often touted as being “green” in many ways, particularly because they allow us to avoid printing mounds of paper by reading online, reduce auto and air travel required to attend meetings that can now be conducted virtually, and so much more. However, computer technology has also lead to the further development of our modern fast paced lifestyle.

This lifestyle gives us the means and desire to travel for pleasure (and still the occasional business trip), to eat out frequently as our grandparents would never have dreamed of, to shop until we drop, and simply to constantly be on the go, always doing something. It seems that computers and modern technology have accelerated life and cause us too often to want, waste and damage the environment in new ways. But what if we told you that technology can actually help you find ways to be kind to the environment? It’s true. Today’s smart phones have apps that can help you accomplish a variety of your green related goal. Following is a sample of these green apps for your iPhone, Android and beyond.

 The Green Globe App This free app, available on iPhones only at this point, helps you to travel more green. It allows you to instantly find green certified hotels, resorts, conference centers, tours, attractions, wedding destinations and much more, providing the ability to watch videos of the places you are considering and even book directly through the app.

 Seafood Watch One of the biggest concerns of marine lovers around the world is the sustainability of human fish consumption. To make it easier for you to make environmentally friendly decisions the next time you eat out, the Monterey Bay Aquarium outside of San Francisco has created an app that provides recommendations for marine friendly dining choices for you to consider when eating out of cooking in. The app lets you check your region, based on GPS technology, and learn what fish are readily available, which are endangered and which should be avoided. The app even includes a sushi guide to help you learn what fish are in which types of sushi.

Fish Phone Similar to the Seafood Watch app, Fish Phone tells you if the fish you are considering is endangered, even organizing them into categories based upon how abundant the fish is in natural waters. The app also offers suggested wine pairings with different seafood and even recipes if you want to cook on your own. Safe Seafood is yet another similar app with more basic functionality, but this one links you to Wikipedia if you want to learn more about the sea life in question.

 Be Nice to Bunnies This app, created by animal rights organization PETA, helps you ensure that you are truly shopping cruelty-free. This app can help save small laboratory animals from the pain of animal testing by helping you choose products and companies that do not test on animals.

How to (Begin to) Rethink Capitalism App For those who want to merge profitable business with eco-solutions, this app helps find answers. The app helps the user to evaluate how their business, small and large, plays a role in the environment and how factoring in environmental assets can help move us towards sustainable capitalism.

Just Means This app helps socially and environmentally minded people see how various publically traded companies compare to each other on various social and environmental initiatives. With this you can get updates on a company’s performance in social and eco-friendly areas and use the knowledge to inform your purchasing and stock investment decisions.

 iRecycle This app is a simple app designed to help you find a recycling facility near you. They provide access to over 800,000 recycling centers, helping you find out where to recycle over 240 different materials.

There’s an App for That! Whatever you want to do, however “green” you want to be, there’s an app for that. Instead of letting technology run your world, and run you ragged, use it to make the world a better place. Search your app store for other green apps, and then share those apps with others. By taking small steps and getting informed we can all do our part to make the world a greener place.

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