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American Water – Clean Water from Clean Solutions

By September 28, 2011Blog

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We expect crystal-clear water every morning at the turn of a handle. And with vast oceans, miles of rivers, and rain constantly falling from the sky, is there really a water crisis? Jeff Sterba, CEO of American Water, the largest publicly traded water utility in the nation, along with VP of Corporate Responsibility, Debra Vernon, join Radio Green Talk to discuss the water problems we’re all currently living through.

American Water serves drinking water and wastewater services to over 15 million people across the nation.
Of all the drinking water provided, only 1% of it is ever ingested. Water industries alone use 4% of the nation’s electricity to pump and clean water. About 7000 Olympic-sized swimming pools can be filled from water escaping leaking pipes every single day.

These are only a handful of problems American Water is working to solve. It’s easy to neglect problems that pass by so unnoticeably, but we are fortunate to have over 7000 workers taking the next steps in creating a more sustainable planet without the sacrifice of quality water. American Water is inspired by the opportunity to engage, motivate, and enable people all over the nation. Join our interview with them to learn more about the problems we’re facing, and the solutions of the future.

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