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A Hotel with Zero Environmental Impact

Have you ever considered the power of zero?

It may look like nothing, but zero is definitely something. After all, what’s the difference between one and one million? A few zeros.

The power of zero is the power to multiply. For example, if you take an ordinary hotel and add zero to it, then you’ve got something much more powerful than a simple hotel. Suddenly, you have a hotel that gives back to the environment, rather than just burning through resources. You’ve got a hotel that’s an active member of its local community, partnering with local businesses and participating in charities that impact local families.

Suddenly, with a few zeros, you’ve got more than just a place to stay while you’re on a business trip. It’s a place to stay that’s as unique as you are, and that shares your commitment to environmental consciousness and giving back.

At Hotel Zero Degrees, we’ve added a few “zeros” to the conventional hotel model.

Zero footprint

Regular hotels produce a lot of waste. At Hotel Zero Degrees, we’re dedicated to bringing that waste down as much as possible. To accomplish this, we use utensils made from composted materials, and we make sure to only use energy efficient lighting fixtures throughout the hotel.  We recycle as much as possible, and we provide our guest with recycling options, instead of just the obligatory trash bucket.

Zero unnecessary trips

Convenience is combined with environmental consciousness through our complimentary shuttle service. Now you have the freedom to visit the local sights, and we help do our part to reduce carbon emissions.

Zero outsourcing

Other hotels outsource their furniture, décor, and cuisine from all over the globe. The results are typically predictable, bland, and conventional. That’s not what Hotel Zero Degrees is about.

We make sure to source local whenever possible. That means we get our produce from local farmers and farmers markets, we buy our furniture from local businesses, and we hang art on our walls created by local artists. The result: a unique experience that is anything but bland and predictable.

Zero frustrations

Our employees are an important part of the Hotel Zero Degrees family, and we treat them well so that they can treat our guests well.

Friendly service is central to our philosophy. When you stay at Hotel Zero Degrees, we strive to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Without an outstanding guest experience, everything else is meaningless.

Zero holding back

A hotel shouldn’t be an island unto itself. It should be an active participant in the local community.

At Hotel Zero Degrees, we give back as much as possible. We partner with several local non-profit organizations, including the Fairfield County Cultural Alliance and the Silvermine Arts Center Artist Guild. We actively donate to and assist with charities that benefit the people who live in our community.

We don’t find success by playing it safe. Our goal is to stand above the rest and set ourselves apart from the ordinary.


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