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5 Products to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

Being eco-minded goes much farther than carrying a reusable bag to the grocery store and recycling bottles and cans. Living sustainably may seem challenging, but more and more retailers are making eco-friendly products that cause less harm to the Earth that makes living sustainably a little bit easier.

Eco-Friendly Candles

Candles can be a secret polluter. Although they can make a stylish addition around your home, some candles use lead-based wicks, paraffin wax and other harmful chemicals. To make your home safe and stylish, consider using eco-friendly candle alternatives.

The Oregon-based soy candle maker Alchemy offers dozens of beautifully made-to-order candles made from natural essential oils sourced from fruit, flowers, trees and herbs as well as biodegradable, food-grade wax. The company takes a sustainable stance on manufacturing and sourcing materials as well. In fact, all of the materials used come from the U.S. Plus, all of the packaging is biodegradable and recyclable.

Recycled Glassware

Bambeco offers a selection of beautiful recycled glassware sets that can complement any kitchen or dining theme. The unique glassware is made from old glass soda bottles that were tossed into landfills. The soda bottles and broken glass pieces are melted down and handblown into new, sustainable and stylish cups, pitchers and tumblers. Each piece is made entirely by hand and no two pieces are exactly alike.

Reclaimed Wood Furnishings

Reclaimed wood furniture items like a bed frame, table and chairs set or even an ornate candelabra can make a wonderful, sustainable addition to your home. Reclaimed wood comes from many different sources, so you can achieve the look you’re after while being kind to the planet. Rich vintage fir aged-wood pieces can complement homes that use warm tones and weathered beachwood can add a light and airy feel to any room, no matter the season.

VivaTerra offers beautiful and eco-friendly home furnishings that are made from all different types of reclaimed wood. Viva Terra has something for everyone, no matter your style preference, from classic-traditional to contemporary-bohemian.

Bamboo Woven Shades

For a healthier home, consider eco-friendly window treatments that offer UV protection and glare reduction. The Shade Store uses renewable resources like bamboo to create eco-friendly window treatments like solar shades. According to The Shade Store, solar shades are energy-efficient, which makes this home decor item a sustainable and Earth-friendly choice. Although some eco-friendly retailers offer a minimal selection of products in less-than excitable colors, the solar shades from The Shade Store come in a variety of colors from neutrals to brights like poppy, so you can select a color that works best for your style.

Cork Flooring

Native to Spain, Tunisia and Portugal, cork trees can live to be 800 years old. The harvesting practices are sustainable and the manufacturing process generates almost zero waste. Cork flooring is the natural alternative to wood floors sourced from exotic lumber, vinyl floors or chemical-ridden carpets. In addition to being durable, hypoallergenic, healthy for the environment and aesthetically pleasing, cork floors are also safe. Cork is fire-resistant and will only ignite or melt at severe temperatures. When properly cared for, cork floors can last up to 40 years.

Green Building Supply offers a variety of beautiful cork flooring options, including natural styles that are GreenGuard certified.

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