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4 Tips for Increasing Your Social Media Presence

Developing and maintaining a solid social media presence is becoming a bigger and bigger issue in SMB marketing. Most marketing professionals believe that making solid use of social media can help a business improve general customer relations and visibility, while also producing a positive impact on sales. Following are four tips for how to increase the social media presence of your business, with multiple “sub-tips” in each category:

Tip #1: Get on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube Go where the people are, and today they are all on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Of course, going where the people are is less than half the battle, at least in web advertising. Sure, you can purchase ads on Google and other sites, but the most profitable marketing can be in inbound marketing, where you get people to come to you. How? By being interesting.

Create a vibrant, active Facebook community filled with interesting information, quizzes that people want to send on to go viral, photographs that grab the attention of would be customers and a huge entourage of friends! Remember to update your Facebook page daily and respond to people who post on your page. Also, make special offers to people who “like” you on Facebook. The same is true of YouTube – post interesting, fun videos that have the potential to go “viral.” New and exciting news clips, humorous videos and the like that crawl through the web providing more advertising than you could ever buy. Twitter can also be a great way to keep your current customers updated and award of what’s new in your company.

Tip #2: Create Your Own Blog Building a blog on your website can be a great way to accomplish three things: 1) it gives you a place to communicate valuable, timely information to your customers and potential customers; 2) it gives you a place to use keywords, thus using SEO to draw traffic to your website; 3) it gives your customers a place to ask questions and to interact with each other and you. When you create your blog ensure that it is well written, informative, timely, accurate, original and interesting. A blog should be all of these things to such an extent that your readers can’t wait for your next blog posting.

Tip #3: Post in Other Blogs While your own blog is a great way to draw customers to your site and keep them there, posting on other blogs can help draw customers as well. You can do this simply by finding other blogs and social networking sites that draw similar customers to those that you want, then post replies to the blogs which include links to your own site. Now, you have to be careful. Many blogs and sites will remove overly solicitous or promotional messages that are posted. So, it is important that your postings be informative, accurate, and interesting, and have only minimal promotional content – content that provides value, not just gratuitous marketing.

One good way to do this is to create a “signature” that you add to a blog. This signature could include your name, company website and a slogan or brief call to action. For example, if you are an electrician and you post a comment on a home improvement blog telling someone how to check a wiring issue.

A signature like this can show that your comments are legitimate and informed. It also provides information about you without looking like an advertising pitch. If the other bloggers find your post well written, informative and friendly, they just might consider you when they need their next electrical job.

Tip #4: Make it Fun When it comes to social networking it is important to remember that most people are online for pleasure. Thus, if you want your marketing efforts to be effective they have got to be enjoyable to read and to view. Make sure your website, Facebook page, blog and everything else looks good and is user friendly. Hire a professional writer to create your documents with a friendly, inviting tone and good information. Add games, jokes, quizzes, videos – anything that can add entertainment value for your viewers and would-be customers.


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