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3 Ways To Make Your House More Eco-Friendly, Whilst Adding Significant Resale Value!

By October 21, 2014Blog

With climate change in the news and renewable energy increasingly entering the public consciousness, there has never been a better time than now to invest in eco improvements to your home. Not only this, many of these improvements will actually save your household money in both the long and short term! Listed here are the 3 most efficient and popular ways of kitting your house out to be a lean, green, carbon emission reducing machine; so what are you waiting for?

1. Insulation

It’s a well-known fact that hot air rises – apply this to your house and it will come as no surprise that up to 25% of heat produced inside is lost through the roof. Even if you already have insulation, it’s worth checking that it couldn’t be increased from the old industry standard 100mm thickness to the more modern 270 mm. Installation starts at around $200 and could save you between $50-250 a year on your energy bills. And that’s assuming you choose to pay for installation; with a little bit of research and competent DIY knowledge you could even install it yourself!

2. Solar Panels

Solar panels are fast becoming the iconic image of the eco-friendly construction movement; yet setting them up on your house might be a lot easier than you think! Governments in many countries currently offer a Feed in Tariff scheme wherein the National Grid pays you for any excess electricity generated by solar panels. Coupled with savings made on your electricity bill (possibly up to 100%, depending on the house location) this scheme could actually see you making money within one year of installation. But what if you’re interested in installing solar panels but can’t afford the set up costs? No problem! Many companies offer free solar panel installation on the basis that you will pay them the money generated from the government’s Feed in Tariff scheme.

You might not make any money, but you still save on your electricity bills whilst adding a hefty chunk of resale value to your house. Oh, and you get to be happily satisfied in the knowledge that you’re doing your bit for the environment; a win, win situation for everyone!

3. Bathroom Efficiency

Water shortages are becoming an increasing problem all over the world. Doing your bit to save water, and thereby saving money on your water rates, is both cheap and surprisingly easy to do. First off, if you have a power shower there are many readily available energy efficient shower heads on the market that keep that all important luxurious feel of the shower while reducing the water usage by up to 25%. With some showers, a 5 minute power shower can use more water than would be used filling up a bathtub. Costing between $18 and $50 these shower heads can pay for themselves in reduced bills within only one year.

Another way to save water is to install a dual flush in your toilet, using differing amounts of water for solid and liquid waste. Most new toilets on the market come with this option pre-installed however, – if yours doesn’t, you might want to look into purchasing a dual flush retrofit from as little as $15, although you might have to pay a plumber to install it if you don’t have the required knowledge. Installing these two devices in your bathroom will both save you money on your water tariff and also impress new buyers in the event you decide to sell the property.


Bio: Ella is writer and blogger who has great passion for home and office improvement projects. She is constantly searching for new technologies and methods for life and work optimization. What excites her most recently is the green idea and she is trying to raise the awareness towards it via her writing. Find more useful info at: junk-removal Bayswater

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