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Use your voice and your network to promote greener business and encourage companies to get green certified. GBB partners with a range of companies, organizations and individual green leaders to make a positive impact on the business world. GBB Ambassador Partners are a key part of GBB’s mission, and our program is designed handsomely reward our great-green evangelists.

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Start making a real difference by promoting GBB’s industry-leading online environmental certification program for businesses, and when your recommendations lead to sales, you’ll earn industry-leading commissions.

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GBB Tracks Your Referral Links

GBB’s best-in-class ambassador marketing system tracks and reports your referrals. 

You Get Paid When Referrals Lead to Sales

And handsomely. GBB’s Ambassador Program offers a very strong commission plan designed to help you build a significant recurring revenue stream.

Earn by Referring

GBB’s Ambassador Program is designed to offer green business advocates a great opportunity to build a significant revenue stream from promoting GBB’s Green Certification Program Memberships.

25% Recurring Subscription Commissions

Ambassadors receive 25% Commission for initial sales and renewals. We have a +90% renewal rate and most GBB Members remain members for 5+ years.

$400 Average Yearly Sale

GBB’s average yearly subscription value is $400. That means you can earn an average of $100 per sale per year as long as you’re a GBB Affiliate.

120-Day Cookies

GBB offers a whopping 120 cookie for Marketing Ambassadors. Which means that sales made up to 120 days from an ambassador referral are tracked and paid.

Robust Linking Tools and Sales Tracking

GBB has invested in great, easy-to-use referral tracking technology so you can focus on your message while ensuring your referrals are credited. We also offer custom landing pages for qualified Ambassadors and unique coupons to help empower Ambassador campaigns.

Active GBB Sales Engagement

Ambassadors refer customers. GBB actively supports the subscription sale. Ambassadors get paid – no matter how much effort GBB makes to close the sale.

Great Ambassador Support

GBB’s Ambassador Program is a core part of our business strategy, so you’ll always be nurtured and well supported.

A Great Fit

GBB’s mission is to empower businesses of all kinds to implement greener business practices, and achieve the benefits of being a recognized green business leader. Promoting GBB fits neatly as a strong affiliate revenue stream for a wide range of publishers, associations, influencers and thought leaders.

Industry Associations

Green Bloggers & Thought Leaders

Business Bloggers

Sustainability Consultants

Online Business Communities

Active GBB Members

Regional Business Associations

Business Marketplaces

Tools & Support To Make You Successful

Whether you’re a sophisticated affiliate marketer, or entirely new to affiliate sales, GBB’s Ambassador program has the features, tools and support to make your efforts successful.
Easy-to-Use Ambassador Tools and Great Support
  • Simple Link-Generating Tools
  • Dedicated Affiliate Area for tracking your performance and managing your account
  • Direct Linking Support from Your Website
  • Link Statistics and Reporting
Leading Marketing Tools for Advanced Users
  • Campaign Management
  • Affiliate Coupons
  • Seasonal Campaigns and Promotions and Evergreen Creatives
  • Ever-expanding GBB Content Library

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