About Green Business Bureau

From the start, Green Business Bureau has sought to change the world for the better through software that helps businesses become more sustainable. As a trusted authority in green business, we provide online solutions to help purpose-driven businesses of all sizes learn, prioritize, manage and certify green initiatives. Our customers use our sustainability framework and solutions to engage employees, manage their sustainability programs and become greener.


We envision a world where every business is environmentally and socially responsible.


Our mission is to help companies become more sustainable efficiently and cost effectively.


We balance profit and purpose. We put our employees and customers first and grow our business to create a virtuous cycle of doing more good for the planet and society while we grow.


We understand that small and medium-sized businesses do not have the budget, resources and time that large corporations have to hire sustainability experts and consultants nor the time to develop custom software solutions for sustainability. Our goal is to provide online solutions that take the cost, complexity and time out of managing sustainability programs and certifications.


Our EcoAssessment™ and EcoPlanner™ online tools enable businesses to understand, prioritize, implement and certify green initiatives and sustainable business practices. As a trusted 3rd party, we provide businesses with an official online seal and EcoProfile™ to validate and promote their green commitments and accomplishments.


GBB believes that providing businesses with the right tools can help them inspire their employees to create an amazing culture that will drive their company’s sustainability efforts.  Our approach encourages the buy in of all key stakeholders to drive positive and demonstrable operational change by making it easy to track, measure and certify results through a common sense framework, shared KPI’s and shared accountability.


Our members have shown that green business practices improve operational efficiency, reduce operational costs, elevate their brand, improve their reputation, retain employees, attract customers and drive sales.


Guidance & Recognition
See how members use our EcoAsessment, EcoPlanner and EcoScorecard software to manage their sustainability programs. With the help of GBB’s online tools, plans, and guides, employees can now drive the green cause at your company without expensive consultants.

GBB Leadership

Green Business Bureau is lead by a group of passionate sustainable industry innovators with decades of experience building valuable sustainability, technology and business services companies.

Thomas Permatteo

Tom is CEO of the Green Business Bureau and is responsible for the direction and growth of the company. He has been a leader in the Green business community for over 15 years and is passionate about bringing practical sustainability solutions to the business world. He is also Co-Founder of IzzitGreen Business Rewards. Prior to embarking on his sustainability solution endeavors, Tom spent over twenty five years in the technology industry in sales and management and is an advisor to several technology start up companies.

Julie Craighill

Julia is the Chief Sustainability Officer of the Green Business Bureau and is responsible for the company’s sustainability program and services. A frequent speaker and prolific author on issues of sustainability and resiliency, Julia is known for her solid, pragmatic guidance that helps organizations make the leap from good intentions to long-term, profitable performance. Since starting Ensight Consulting seven years ago, Julia has helped dozens of companies, from large multi-national corporations to a two-person yoga studio, reduce their environmental impact and demonstrate corporate responsibility. And to extend offerings beyond those that want bespoke consulting, she created the Green Office Academy to provide affordable and flexible online courses on how to create a planet-worthy workplace.

Leah Mowery

Leah Mowery is a Sustainability Program Manager for Green Business Bureau who works to develop the latest sustainability initiatives and valuable member content for companies of all types. She is also a contributor to the GBB Blog and Newsletter. Leah is passionate about using creativity and storytelling to relay the importance of sustainability. She has served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal and earned a Master’s in Global Sustainability with a concentration in Climate Change at the University of South Florida.

Frank Vega

Frank Vega

Frank, the original founder of the Green Business Bureau, is currently an advisor to the company and key investor. He continues to be a valued strategic advisor to the executive team and helps drive the company’s strategy and growth. In addition to his efforts with the Green Business Bureau, Frank is the Managing Partner at the Lullwater energy fund and the owner of Newspaper Subscription Services.

GBB Member Advisory Council

Green Business Bureau is fortunate enough to have amazing sustainable businesses as members. Our GBB Member Advisory Council consists of executives and managers from over a dozen companies. We meet regularly and collaborate on strategic and tactical topics including sustainability vision, mission, values, creating a green culture, employee engagement, policies, programs, new green business initiatives.  We focus on finding ways for our companies and employers to become more sustainable and use their business as a force for good. Here are some of the current members of our member advisory council.

Christian Møller-Holst


CEO & Founder

Alexander Register


Corporate Development and Strategy

Kaytlin Moeller

Fenix Outdoor

Sustainability Manager

Lynda Kuechle

Martinrea International

Senior Accounting Analyst

Christian Moore

Concentric Advisors

Director Special Projects

Matthew Hare

Hit Promotional Products

Vice President of Environmental, Health and Safety

Kierstan Thomann

Shutterfly, Inc.

Corporate Sustainability Manager

Genevieve Belec

C&C Packing

Directrice Principale des Ressources Humaines

Stephen Thomas-Schulere

Balboa Travel

Senior Vice President, Strategic Solutions

Lindsay Lewis


Marketing Manager

Michelle Coleman


Human Resource Manager

Michele Moore

Watson Gloves

Corporate Social Responsibility

Thomas Hughes


Chief Financial Officer

Erich Elleson


Facilities Manager

Eva Miekus


Facilities Team Lead


Hiring college students and jump starting their careers is part of our core mission.

Every year we hire interns from around the world to help us develop content, define new green initiatives, improve our solutions, support our members and evangelize sustainability. These Green Ambassadors are critical to our success and have an impactful role here. You can learn more about the role and responsibilities here.

If you are passionate about protecting the planet and are interested in working with us to make the business world more sustainable – contact us.